People are wasting no time, taking to local tree farms just a day after thanksgiving to get their Christmas trees. 

"I noticed this morning that we've been just it's been nonstop since 8:30 this morning. I've been open and selling trees now for 32 years and it's probably the busiest Friday I've ever had," says Mike Kodey, Owner of Sunny Hill Tree Farm.

For some families it has become a tradition that gets their Christmas season started.

"We come here every year, beginning of the Christmas season for our family, four of our six grandkids, and then we have a fun time," says the Orzell family.

They've been coming to Sunny Hill Tree Farm for the past nine years.

"We picked out a tree by some big I think it's 12 foot. And this is a great place for Christmas trees," says 10-year old Cameron Hwalek.

Kodey says the farm trims over 30,000 trees every year, and they have roughly 38,000 trees planted.

His family has been tree farming for over 43 years.

Kodey says you may be able to replace the look of a Christmas tree with a fake one, the one thing you can't replace is the fresh smell.

He says, "I've talked to a lot of people over the years, and it's the smell. They love the smell of the fresh pines and you're not going to get that in a fake tree."

Its not just the tree shopping bringing families out every year, it's the experience.