Residents, businesses and those at the state level coming together today to address the accessibility of internet in the Southern Tier. 

Today's conference bringing together people from all areas who are all working to get broadband, high speed internet access into the homes of every New Yorker.

"There are many of us that have adequate Internet access here, but there's still much of our population, about 20% in our rural areas that do not have access," Jen Gregory, Executive Southern Tier 8 Regional Board said. "So imagine not being able to get on the Internet, not being able to do your homework at night, or being able to make that interview with the doctor or even interview for available positions outside the area if you're engaged in work or working from home."

Joshua Breitbart with the state's ConnectAll office gave the keynote address, discussing the state's plan for broadband. 

ConnectAll is a $1 billion state program meant to address the lack of internet access in the state for rural communities.  

Other speakers talked about getting networks built, funding and advocacy efforts. 

"We're here to build on that success, identify the exact locations that need new service and begin making grants to address those needs and supporting the key private partners and local stakeholders that are going to get that connection done," said Breitbart.

Breitbart said the program has already begun work in Chenango county.