Fox 40 is honoring teachers and staff who go above and beyond for their students and school district. The Fox 40 Teacher of the Week, brought to you by Springbrook. This week we are looking at the Windsor Central School District. 

Tara MacNamee is a 3 UPK teacher at Windsor's CR Weeks Elementary School.

As a pre-kindergarten teacher, she knows this can be a scary time for both students and parents, but if there's one teacher that can make it a seamless transition it's Mrs. MacNamee.

"Making the connection with the parents is letting them know that it's a safe, happy, and fun place. It's wonderful to be able to bridge that gap from school to home, and help them all feel comfortable loving school."

After 21 years in elementary education, she knows it's important to stay on your toes. 

"It's just a lot of movement, you don't stop. So whatever we're doing, it's about ten minute activity, but it's constant ten minute activity. So you never really stop moving in here."

And she is always finding unique ways to come up with new lessons to put her students on the path to success. 

"Each day I do fine motor rotations, which is strengthening the children's hands, getting them ready for pre-reading skills. So we do any type of activity that has them using their pincher grasps, getting ready for using crayons and pencils."

Congratulations Mrs. MacNamee!

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