Anti-racking group Food and Water Watch has stated that a newly-formed Texas corporation, Southern Tier Solutions, is looking to bypass New York State's 10-year fracking moratorium.

The Texas-corporations proposal includes drilling thousands of new fracking wells in the Southern Tier. 

Southern Tier Solutions wants to use direct air capture to extract natural gases from the ground. The corporation would capture carbon dioxide and inject it into the ground instead of water to extract natural gases like methane. 

Potential risks for the Southern Tier include possible water contamination, warmer climates, and an increase in air pollution.  

Northeast Region Director of Food and Water Watch Alex Beauchamp says the plan would extract more oil, and not natural gas. 

"They're going to store it underground as part of a scheme to extract even more natural gas. That then we will continue to burn. Right. And in fact, that's what most carbon capture goes to right now. It goes to oil and gas extraction," Beauchamp said. "So there's this sort of like press release version of this stuff where it's going to somehow solve the climate crisis. In actual reality, almost all of it right now goes to extracting more oil, more not natural gas. And we know, of course, that burning fossil fuels is what causes the climate crisis to begin with."