The energy was high at the democratic party on election night after they learned they now have the majority in Binghamton City Council, taking five of the seven seats.

The democratic elects are ready to get to work, talking District 5 elect Hadassah Mativetsky she said,"It means that I'm going to be able to get more done. So that's that's the exciting piece is what we're going to be able to actually do with that."

District 1 elect Olamni Porter says, "The people we have, I know they're about change. I know they're about solutions. So this is great and to be a part of it is monumental."

Democrats won districts one through five in the council, the elects being:

Olamni porter-District 1

Kinya Middleton-District 2

Robert Cavanaugh II, uncontested-District 3

Nate Hotchkiss-District 4

And Hadassah Mativetsky-District 5

Districts 6 and 7 have been two close to call.

Binghamton mayor Jared Kraham is a Republican but says he doesn't think political lines will affect his ability to work closely with the new members.

"The message is that there's the time for politics and that's over and now we have to get back to bipartisan governing. I feel very strongly that we can work together in a bipartisan way, we can find common ground, and just work to solve the challenges that residents want us to."

He continued by saying,"I'll work in good faith with these new members, and I know that we're going to be able to find the common ground. And, you know, I've long been a bipartisan mayor and I will continue to do that."

The new elects will be sworn in on January 1st, 2024.