Another blighted property came down today in Binghamton, this time on the city's south side. 

28 Alfred Street is part of the next round of blighted property demolitions in the city. 

This property, along with six others, is part of the city's ongoing efforts to take down properties that have become eyesores, attract criminal activity and bring down neighboring property values. 

"We have to do better. What the city has done, not just in this demolition round, but as long as I've been mayor, is have a very aggressive blight reduction plan," said Mayor Jared Kraham. "Repurposing these lots into side lots for neighbors and really enhancing the community."

The vacant lots are set to be incorporated into the city's Side Lot Program, giving neighbors the opportunity to purchase them or transform them into flood-resistant green areas. 

The six other properties in this round are 4 Alfred St., 21 Andrews Ave., 11 Duke St., 74 Evans St., 192 Henry St. and 80 Liberty St.

4 Alfred St. will expand Alfred Street Park. 

This round of demolitions brings the total for the year to 13.