To honor and support the 240 hostages being held by Hamas, numerous Jewish Organizations at Binghamton University set up an honorary Shabbat table on the campus' Peace Quad on Tuesday, October 31st. 

Attached to each chair was a picture of a different person to honor those being held hostage. 

Eboard member of Binghamton University's Zionist Organization Eytan Saenger says that this honorary setup has brought unity amongst the campus. 

"Throughout the shows these past few weeks on campus, whether it was a vigil, whether it was a Torah celebration, we continue to come together to show we are proud to be Jews in America," Saenger said. "We are proud to be Jews in the world. We are proud to be Jews. In fact, on Binghamton University's campus. And we are not going to stop being proud, despite some people wanting to tell us that they don't like us or that we don't have a home there."