It has been four whole years since Binghamton has hosted it's once annual Wingfest. 

But on Saturday, September 30th, Wingfest makes its return to the area, taking place at Mirabito Stadium. The last festival took place in September 2019, where the festival saw around 3,000 people attend. 

The festival had been cancelled the previous four years because of the major increase in chicken wings prices, along with the staff shortages at restaurants. 

General Manager of Equinox Broadcasting Ray Scott says that the community played a big role in bringing the festival back. 

"For the past several years, we get emails, we get social media messages, we get phone calls about Binghamton Ringing Fest. It had just become such a huge part of the community that if we were able to bring it back, we were going to bring it back," Scott said. 

So far, 11 local restaurants and bars have signed up to participate in the festival, with the good possibility of more signing up. 

Each restaurant is told to make at least 1500 wings so they can feed all attendees and judges. 

The festival provides local restaurants a great opportunity to promote themselves to the community.

"We have got so many great restaurants and bars in this area, but how often do those places get two or 3000 people in one place to come out and just try their wings," Scott said.

But Wingfest isn't just about the wings. It's about creating an overall experience for all the attendees, thanks to the live music and activities that will be taking place.