New mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency are stricter for capturing by-products from metal shredders and recyclers. 

They've already started installing environmental retention ponds at their site in Owego. 

These improvements will improve air and water quality. The company will also install new state-of-the-art equipment to clean the air and water that passes through the facility. 

"The main part is the air at the shredder through the EPA consent," said owner, Adam Weitsman. "The technology just got started, so we're going to be building one of the first ones in the country. So it's taking a lot of time. But they've given us a nice thing about the EPA to see in some of the other environmental groups that are watching our industry is sound like they want to put you out of business. They just want these things in place. So it's like as you do what you say, they give you the time to do it."

Weitsman said the work will take about two years to complete.