$150,000 in funding is coming to the Astor D. Rice Foundation to support East Middle Schoolers and their families. 

Money for the program comes from the city's youth fund, established last year. 

Starting this school year, the Rice Foundation will launch Families Achieve Community Empowerment (FACE), serving at-risk students. 

FACE will provide interventions to reduce high-risk behavior, improve communication within families and reduce school disciplinary actions. 

"There's so many kids, there's going to be so many kids that are way better than I ever thought of being, not just on a basketball or football field," said King Rice, founder of the foundation. "There's going to be kids that are great students. There's going to be kids that are artists. There's going to be so many kids and we just have to reach out to them and let them know that we love them and let them know that people here and people out of town are pulling for them to have a great, great life."

Support groups will also be available to parents to help them better respond to stressful situations. 

Long term, the program aims to improve graduation rates, reduce youth crime rates, improve mental health and wellness and build stronger communities. 

Interested families can reach out to the foundation directly at (607) 238-3529.