Delaware County Sheriff's Office Corporal Jeff Clark prepares for his 15th ride in the Tour de Force.

The Tour de Force is a 300-mile bike ride over a four-day span. This year's format is different from past years, being a ride-in-ride-out style, where participants will start in New Jersey and bikers will ride out as far as Goshen, New York, and come back.  

The ride began following the terrorist attacks of September 11th. The founders used the ride as a way to honor the lives of officers in law enforcement who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Clark is a 23-year veteran of law enforcement and first participated in the tour back in 2003. What inspired Clark to begin riding on the tour?

"I felt the need, an urge to do what I could to support those families that are suffering from those tragic losses," Clark said. 

Throughout the years, Clark has become very involved in the tour, forming his own team consisting of riders from all over the country. 

Last year, the Tour de Force saw 280 riders take part in the ride, raising over $500,000 for families who lost loved ones in law enforcement. 

"To see how the effect that these donations have on the families that have lost a loved one," Clark said. "You know, you have family, a two-person income to a suddenly a single-person income, and in some instances and they're trying to make ends meet."

This year's ride starts on September 8th and ends on September 11th.