Sunday's feature of "Endzone Extras" is on the Greene Trojans, a team which had a solid regular season last year but got stopped early in the playoffs. Our latest edition of "Endzone Extras" is sponsored by Maxsip Telecom

The Greene Trojans went perfect last season in their divisional contests in the 8-man division at 3-0. Greene would fall in the first round of the sectional playoffs to Moravia, coming into this season Head Coach Dave Gorton hoping the team can get over that hurdle this year. 

"We did not progress to where we hope to be this year," said Gorton. "We have a lot of seniors in our backfield that are quick and fast and we are looking forward to them having some explosive plays".

One thing that will be different is the offensive unit as well as Jaden Eroshevich taking over the starting quarterback position. Center Ryan Milk says the whole unit is still trying to get the growing pains out of the way early in the year.

"We are still learning new things about each other and still having to help everyone out here and there, but I like the group we have," said Milk. 

Another difference this season Gorton says has been the culture and the buy-in from the team so early in the year where the workouts have seemed to never end. 

"We actually have to tell them to go home when we are done in the weight room because they want to stay and make themselves better football players," said Gorton. 

Derek Renfer, a senior receiver and cornerback says he is more focused on improving his game on the mental side and just learning the game.

"I feel like a mental part of football is where I am starting to really understand a lot more about the game than I did in previous years," said Renfer.

Regardless whether looking to improve their physical or mental game, the Trojans are looking to get where they were last year and potentially even further Renfer says.

"I feel like we have the people and the talent to get to the playoffs and hopefully pretty deep into it," said Renfer.

Greene will have their first matchup of the season on Saturday 9/2 at Newfield to begin their 2023 season.