Highland Park's preparations started last year when they winterized the pool.

Getting the pool ready to open this weekend began at the beginning of April.

"We have to drain it down, get all the leaves out power, wash every inch of it, and then just start with circulating, you know, fresh water circulating it, running vacuums, running the filtration system, slowly working the chemicals to the level that we need," explained Jay Vassil, the Parks Manager for the town of Union. 

Vassil says the park is ready for swimmers.

"We had our health department inspection this week and everything passed with flying colors, the pools in great shape and it looks like the weather's going to be beautiful."

As for the lifeguard shortage? Not a problem here in Union.

"This year where we're in good shape. We had a lot of returners from last year. And then, you know, some additional people to fill in. a couple we lost from local swim teams are a great source of our lifeguards."

The pool will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday 1pm- 8pm and only weekends until the end of June.