A state of emergency has been enacted in Broome County after NYC Mayor Adams releases a statement saying he plans to send hundreds of migrants to upstate New York from New York City.

The state of emergency was established because of the limited number of resources such as food and housing accessibility to handle large groups.

Hotels are prohibited from renting to outside municipalities, and outside municipalities are prohibited from renting motels or hotels within the county.

The County Sheriff's Department will reinforce Executive Jason Garnar's orders and is informing hotels and motels of the order and the penalties that come with breaking the order.

Two buses arrived in Newburg, Orange County earlier this week, but no buses have arrived in Broome County yet.

County officials have spoken with New York City Mayor Adams and he did give much information.

Garnar says he did not commit to notifying of any buses being sent to Broome County and did not express he would not send buses.