One woman in Vestal is looking to help fight food insecurity from the front yard of her home.

Several weeks ago, Deanna Giordani set out on a mission to help fight food insecurity in the Triple Cities.

"I've been to some really hard times in the past and now that I'm back on my feet -- I want to help people"

The single mother of three then got to work on a Blessing Box to put outside her home in Stewarts Trailer Park in Vestal, which serves as a public station anyone can access for food or other items.

"I sanded it, and painted it. It took me about two weeks."

She created a Facebook page, which has garnered over 250 members in five weeks. Its through the page that Giordani accomplishes most of her work, providing updates, and taking in requests.

She says her biggest focus is accessibility, whether it's making deliveries in her very own car -- sometimes up to three times a day -- or simply allowing people to come and take whatever they need.

"The great thing is this is on the bus line, so people coming from Binghamton can come to the bus at the Wal-Mart in Vestal, and it's right here."

Giordani's yard is easily accessible through the road going past the Burger King and Wilcox & Sons Towing and Automotive Repair.

She states she has no plans to slow down either, with a second box set to go at 200 Rano Boulevard soon, next to the Vestal Public Book box at the bus stop.

"I would like to check out [Johnson City] because there are no blessing boxes out there. I want to be able to to hit the neighborhoods that have, you know, to be able to have access to more food."

What began as a just a way to help those in her trailer park, now joins a county-wide effort of food pantries around Broome County in the fight against hunger.

"You'd be amazed at the amount of people that have come to me. And it's it really saddens me. And I don't want anybody to go without."