On Sunday, BC United's '09 girls' squad played for a National League Championship, Fox 40 was there to catch the sights and sounds of the team's big home contest.

With a championship on the line, bc came out the gates sending shots, knocking off any nerves from pregame.

"I was definitely a little nervous to start but I feel like when we got out here and started moving the ball around and getting warmer," said Shannon Kingsbury. "I think we just gelled together and put on a show.."

A show indeed, as the spectators might have been having just as much fun as the players.

"It's amazing that we got this many people coming out here like it's a little chilly out," said Tiffani Schaefer. "And it's just amazing that we got this many people here our environment was amazing."

But in the first half, FC Dominion tied it up with their own goal, tying up the game.

"We had been in this position a lot of times when we get up early, they come back and we always come together and don't put anyone down and just come back with another one," Kingsbury said.

And that's exactly what United did, adding a goal early in the second half and another shortly after to put the game to bed.

"We knew we needed to put another one in," Kingsbury said. "I looked for passes, for assists, goals, and I just had an opportunity and I took it."

And when the clock ticked down, celebration ensued.

"I mean there had to be a few 100 People easily in the crowd here," head coach Chris Riley said. "And it's definitely a big push for the girls to get the job done on their home field."

Their last game there as the team heads down to Orlando in July for the National Championship with the best 16 teams in the country.

"I'm pretty excited," Schaefer said "It's going to be warmer a lot more than here. That's what I'm most excited for. But I'm also definitely excited to get those opportunities like to play down there. It's an amazing opportunity."

A long time in the making.

"Well I mean this started five years ago we had a lot of goals to accomplish," Riley said. "We have spent countless hours, miles across the country. And then for it to all come down to one game on our home field here in our hometown, great support system and the girls were just ready they wanted. They wanted it bad and three-one victory, national league champs finally."