Naima Kradjian is the CEO of the Goodwill Theatre Inc., which runs the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage. Running the non-profit takes as much work as running a for-profit business, Kradjian notes, often with fewer resources. 

"Nine times out of ten, you are, you know, a step behind with your technology and a step behind with your staffing levels," she said. "So that adds a layer of difficulty. However, this is all made up for by the gravity huge you feel with your clients or your patrons because you really are serving people and many times you're being thanked and that that goes a long way, goes a very long way in making it all worthwhile."

During her time as CEO, Kradjian has overseen the expansion of the theater, including a new outdoor stage in 2021, renovations within the space, as well as the filming of a horror movie more recently. 

Kradjian points out that Binghamton has a long history of strong women, but also notes the recent push toward women being given more opportunities to lead. 

"I think there is a willingness, especially lately, to hand the baton to a woman and I'm excited to to see that. But you know if you go back and really look there's there are significant women throughout the history."

Coming up at the theater, Kradjian is bringing in works like a solo woman piece on Harriet Tubman and a young female playwright doing a piece on her history as an immigrant. 

"I think we have to also think about the women who are making history. So it's that that is a fun part of this is is finding these performers that that the community will appreciate hearing from."