First camping vacation: 5 tips for first-time parents

Get ready for the first camping holiday!

The first summer camp is unforgettable and full of anxiety for children and parents alike. As the children finish school, planning for the holidays begins. Certainly for parents who choose their first summer camp, the big question is choosing the right option for their needs. We are recommended to choose Easter camp in Singapore as the first camp of your child. Why is this a good option for both you and your child?

The camp is located in a good location in Singapore, with an attractive area and everything you need to make your child feel safe and interested. The camp is intended for children from 3 to 12 years old. Start 3 March to 14 April 2023.

Don’t worry though! A good visit and an attentive look at the details and options of each one will help you find the ideal camp. To help with the process, we have prepared 5 tips for you.

1) Know that it’s worth the time (and money!)

If your question is whether summer camp is the right move for your child, don’t worry! Studies show that it is an extremely positive experience for families who take the initiative. By the way, let’s be honest: your son just went through another six months of routine. Eventually with a schedule many times more hectic than an executive. This process involves going through the same routine and always being in the same places. When the holidays arrive, it is very enriching to have a time to put a stop to everyday life. Above all, to reconnect with yourself and with nature.

Consider this study by the ACA American Camp Association about the first camping vacation:

  • 96% of kids said camp helped them make new friends
  • 92% of kids said the people at their camp made them feel good about themselves
  • 70% of parents said their child gained self-confidence
  • 69% of parents noted that after summer camp their child kept in touch with the friends they had made

Both psychologically and emotionally, summer camps have enormous long-term benefits for children.

2) Make sure your child is ready for camp

Just because you’re wrapped up in the idea of sending your child to summer camp doesn’t mean they’re ready to take that step. After all, do they already have the right maturity to make that leap? This maturity is independent of age. Similar to other aspects of their lives, every child is a little different. Generally speaking, many kids start attending summer camps around the age of 7, but that number can be more or less depending on your comfort level when it comes to being around other people and being away from home.

A good way to gauge your child’s readiness is to research their first summer camp together. Especially on the face-to-face visit to the camp you are studying to choose. This helps the child to get the fantasies out of his head and see this experience in a more concrete way.

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3) Choosing the right camp for your family

It probably goes without saying, but every child has their strengths and weaknesses. They may be more or less athletic than other kids their age, or more artistically inclined and less interested in sports. Whatever the case, maximizing your child’s camp experience is directly linked to choosing the right situation for them.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should focus on niche camps. It’s important not to discount options with broader appeal. Also, even if a camp seems to fit their skill set, don’t book it blindly. Analyze the options in order to find a camp with good structure. The camp’s history, the level of training they give their staff, power generator and first aid infrastructure, and of course, word-of-mouth reviews should factor into your final decision.

4) Accept that things will get emotional

If this is your first time sending your child to camp, it will be a big change for you and your child. Princip will potentially be the first time he or she is away from home without parental accompaniment a huge step for both parties. As a mother and father, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable with the situation; however, it is important not to project these reservations onto your child.

The best way to release these emotions would be with another adult. If you have a partner, trust him. If that’s not possible, try a friend, co-worker, or even a neighbor. Remember, it’s okay to feel anxious about the trip to camp.

5) Treat homesickness seriously

So if we’re talking about time spent away from home, the prospect of homesickness is something that, as a parent, you should take very seriously. Especially if it’s your son’s or daughter’s first camping trip. Eventually any parent must be prepared to cope if and when these feelings are expressed.

According to a clinical report written by Dr. Chris Thurber, Dr. Edward Walton and the US School Health Council: “Almost all children [experience] some degree of homesickness when they are away from familiar people and surroundings. When parents force a young person to spend time away, that child or teen feels very little control over the decision,” the report states. “Consequently, he or she is more likely to miss the separation.”

That’s why this decision has to be made together with them and with great care. Be careful with combinations! That promise that you’ll pick him up in case of homesickness can backfire. Eventually the child will miss you, but it is fleeting. By the time you get to camp, they’ll already be enjoying some other activity and it will be frustrating.

Remember that we need to prepare children little by little for these separation situations. The more they work when they are young, the easier it will be for young people to adapt to new environments such as changing schools, entering college or even in the workplace.

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