Opportunities for area residents to get into various construction trades will be coming to the city of Binghamton's East Side in the near future, according to an announcement from Mayor Jared Kraham Monday morning.

89 Robinson Street in the City of Binghamton will become the new site of a construction trade's training facility, under the leadership of MAPP Inc. a Rochester-based organization, that helps bring trade crafts to under-served communities.

Kraham stated the city will be providing $275,000 through American Rescue Plan funds, to help MAPP purchase the location, where the first participants of the program will begin re-modeling the building for use this year.

MAPP provides a training and educational track from June through December, and an apprenticeship beginning the following April. So far in Rochester and Albany, the program has seen great success in placing individuals into various trades and apprenticeships.

"As we rebuild and revitalize Binghamton, and upstate New York, we have to invest in construction workforce to support it. This funding partnership does exactly that," said Kraham.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the residents of Binghamton, New York, to get into the construction trades -- to build a career path for themselves, to get their families out of that vicious cycle of poverty," added Kareem Berry, the Executive Director of MAPP.

Berry says that anywhere from 15-25 members are taken into the program. You can find out more at their Facebook page, here.