January is National Blood Donation Month, and with one week to go, the Red Cross is urging Americans to donate life-saving blood and platelets to help those who are in need of it, with a special incentive for those who do choose to donate.

If you donate blood at any Red Cross blood drive or location, you will be automatically entered to win 2 tickets to the Super Bowl, complete with a three-night stay, round-trip airfare, as well as a $500 gift card to spend as you wish.

The easiest way to find a location near you is to head to redcrossblood.org and type in your area code. The appointment will take no more than 1 hour to 1:15 minutes, guided by medical personnel on site. 

Regional Director of Communications for Western New York Michael Tedesco says that donors will be helping those in need of blood transfusions, cancer patients, trauma victims, sickle cell patients and more. 

He added the opportunity for the Super Bowl trip, came courtesy of a partnership with the NFL, and Peyton Manning.