On January 22, 1823, the Town of Vestal was borne -- formed out of the Town of Union. In celebration, Vestal is celebrating not just once, but 12 times.

The celebrations began Jan. 21 and included chainsaw carving, visits from mascots and a massive bonfire. Closing out the night was a fireworks display.

"I've been a volunteer my whole life, coached, did everything, and this is great," said Town of Vestal Supervisor John Schaffer. "I love this. Just to [be] around all these great people and have a great activity, bring everybody here. It's cold! and look at the people that are here."

Each month will see a new set of festivities. Next month, the fun will come in a form of giving, with goodie bags being distributed in nursing homes. On Feb. 18th, a walk on the Vestal Rail Trail is planned.

Schaffer's secretary, Andria Kintner, said she was happy with how the first day of celebrations progressed.

"It's perfect," Kintner said. "It's a lot of fun and there's a lot of smiles."