Attendees at the Broome-Tioga Workforce Offices at the Oakdale Mall had the chance to hear from a variety of employers and have their questions answered, like how getting their commercial learner's permit works or the costs and funds available to get their license. 

“There is a big demand for, you know, for the CDL, A's and B's from again for both, you know, transportation, long haul driving and all that,
 said Robert Murphy, the Executive Director of the Broome-Tioga Workforce. "It's great for a lot of people really fits into what they need to support their families. And it's a good living. So there's a big demand for that throughout the country.” 

Murphy points out that there is still demand for drivers. 

“I just have just think of the shortages in the stores and all that with a lot of time as a matter of the supply chain breaking down because there weren't sufficient trucks or sufficient truckers to move material."

If you're interested in becoming a CDL driver, you can make an appointment to meet with the workforce to get guidance and connect with companies that are hiring. 

And long-haul driving isn't the only position available. 

“There are some trucking jobs that are just your leave for the day and come back. So it's three hours out, three hours back," explains Murphy. "People just aren't taking jobs where they're going across the country and leaving their families for five days.”