Thanksgiving is just two days away.

For many local businesses, it's a time of new deals and new customers. Tom's Coffee Cards and Gifts is no exception.

"The last couple weeks we've been kind of preparing for that with orders coming in, re-merchandizing -- making sure the store looks great for anybody who comes in," said Staff Manager Kenzi Fry.

Like other businesses, Tom's is gearing up for Small Business Saturday -- the official start of the holiday season. A range of holiday discounts can be found in-store, from 20 to 50 percent off.

Fry said an increase in foot-traffic can already be seen.

"We've been boxing things up for people all week, putting bows on [them] -- helping them out with different things that their loved ones might like for Christmas," Fry said.

For businesses like Tom's, the holiday season is not just limited to those inside the store. From now until December 5, customers on its mailing list receive 20 percent off their purchase.

Having celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, Tom's views the holiday season as a time to connect to its roots.

"We always say we have something for everyone," Fry said. "We have things for men, women, kids -- anybody in between. So definitely stop by."