It was a special night in Endicott for a Susquehanna Valley graduate and his Conklin-based production company, Treasure Rock Productions. 

At the Cinema Saver Theater, Treasure Rock owner Bill Rogers held a premiere for his new animated mini-series "Mighty Man." 

Rodgers said it all started about a year and a half ago when he was approached by a company he worked for in the past. From there, he and an animator created Mighty Man. 

Mighty Man and his team battle evil in the 12-part series. 

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring animators, Rogers said don't feel you need to work for a big production company to have a successful career. 

"I produced wrote this, directed it and did a couple of the voices all in the comfort of my jammies in my basement," he said. "All while hiring out the animators, our story board artists and voices from all over the world. Which is nice, all you need is good internet connection to be able to hire those people."

As for the adventures of "Mighty Man," Rogers is getting ready to launch season two. You can watch season one on Amazon Prime and some Roku channels.

Rodgers would like to grow the series into longer episodes and a full length film.