The Binghamton Bombers of the Professional Box Lacrosse Association announced its coach, Neal Powless, earlier this month. Fox 40 had the opportunity to speak with the three-time hall of famer on all things Bombers and lax.

The Netherlands national box lax coach, producer of a movie, NLL vet, and three-time All-American, now Binghamton Bomber head coach.

"I got invited as a former professional lacrosse player to work on the rules committee and that's why I was down in the combine working on the rules," Powless said. "And then they asked me to come in on the final day of the combine to evaluate players and talk to players and that's what sealed the deal."

The Powless philosophy is tough, athletic, and defensive.

"Play hard, run hard, hit hard, run fast, try to run over you, around you, through you, by you and beat you up in the process kinda lacrosse," Powless said. "And then good luck trying to score a goal on us."

The Bombers and Powless had the first overall pick in the PBLA draft taking goalie Jake Lazore, but can also build the team with free agents and supplemental picks.

"At the end of the day,  I'm going to pick the best 25 guys that I can pick and that's who's gonna on the team," Powless said. "So Binghamton can know if they come to the game they're gonna see the best 25 players that I saw."

With a team that understands the games' roots.

"Good coaches that know the game that know the sport and understand the essence of the sport and where it comes from, from the cultural space, being an indigenous game and understanding how we play the game and that way and how to develop needs that space," Powless said. "We have about nine native players that are on the roster so they all have that kind of ingrained and internalized, this is my game, this is my sport, you're not going to beat me mentality."

The team still has still has over a month til their first game, but couldn't be more excited to get it in at the Veterans Memorial Arena.

"I'd love to see, you know, 4500 people in there and just blow the roof off the space right and really just like blow it out of the water," Powless said.

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