Imperium3 New York (iM3 N.Y.) started production operations, but they're already looking ahead to further expansions. 

iM3 N.Y. Chief Financial Officer Mayank Sharma says having the factory based here is incredible. “We are really excited to be bringing back clean manufacturing jobs.” 

The birthplace of IBM is now home to the first us-owned lithium-ion gigafactory. It’s here the company makes batteries that are sold to a variety of customers—from energy storage, to utility, to electric vehicle manufacturers. But their connections to Endicott started well before operations began.  

“This is an amazing place to be because our founder did his post-op research here under Professor Stanley Whittingham, who won the Nobel Prize for his research work in the lithium-ion sector," Sharma says. "We are close to our roots here because our research partner and shareholder is also based at Binghamton University.”  

And they’re not stopping at one outlet; they’re looking ahead to the future and how this company can continue to expand right here in Endicott.  

“We are really ambitious about the growth of this company," Sharma told us. "What you see here is only our first one-gigawatt tower factory and, as I was saying, we aim to be 30 to 40 times bigger. So, we will start off employing initially 150 people in this particular factory but that will scale in line with our growing business needs.” 

If you’re interested in joining iM3 N.Y., they’re hiring from the factory floor to office personnel. You can find more information about the positions available at