100 Years Ago is brought to you by the Kilmer Mansion.

100 years ago today, this is the anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the Binghamton State Hospital. The hospital was built in 1858 and is one of the city’s oldest and largest institutions. Now, in 1922, it has more than 2,800 patients, 300 attendants and occupies about 1300 acres of land.

The Binghamton Industrial Exposition is next week at Stow Park. It was announced today that a famous aviator will be there performing stunts with his airplane directly over the crowd each day.

Plans are being made to build a new Salvation Army building at the corner of Washington and Hawley Streets.

Finally, federal prohibition agents raided a house on Starr Avenue last night. They confiscated large quantities of intoxicants and arrested the homeowner, who was also charged with public intoxication and threatening the officers with a shotgun.

And that was the news 100 years ago.