100 Years Ago is brought to you by the Kilmer Mansion.

100 years ago today, according to Binghamton Police, traffic in this city is getting more congested and automobile drivers are getting more careless. Last month there were nearly 300 automobile accidents – that’s an average of more than nine accidents a day.

Plans are being made to erect a memorial monument in honor of Broome County veterans of the Spanish-American War.

The new parochial school at St. Paul’s Church is being built on Doubleday Street.

Exterminator, Willis Sharpe Kilmer’s famous racehorse, is in the news again. On Saturday the seven-year-old thoroughbred broke another record by winning the Toronto Handicap for the third time in a row.

Finally, there was some excitement this morning at the Ideal Candy Factory on Willow Street in Johnson City. Two workers were injured in separate accidents when their hands got caught in the candy-making machines.

And that was the news 100 years ago.