A Broome County Grand Jury has dropped assault charges against Richard A. Durham, a man originally accused of attacking a Binghamton police officer.

In a Wednesday press release from Durham's attorney, Artan Serjanej, the Grand Jury dismissed the following charges last week: second degree assault charges, with intent to cause injury to a police officer, and resisting arrest charges, which had been filed against Richard A. Durham.

The Broome County District Attorney's Office presented the charges to a grand jury, who then declined to indict Mr. Durham, now leaving him only charged with disorderly conduct, which is a violation, and not considered a criminal-level offense under New York State Penal Law. 

The District Attorney's Office originally claimed Mr. Durham repeatedly kicked a Binghamton Police Officer, who was trying to place him on arrest, but the jury did not find probable cause to move forward with the original charges. 

“Mr. Durham executed his right to testify to the Grand Jury, explaining what happened on the night in question, and the Grand Jury declined to indict him on criminal charges,” said defense attorney Artan Serjanej. “We thank the Grand Jurors for their attention to the testimony and examination of the evidence in this case.”