"I have been a driver with ABF Freight for over 32 years since May of 1989 on the same route for my entire career through West Chester County, New York. My favorite memories over the years have been the truck driver championships, friends, and customers I have met along the way. Our ABF team truly wants to support our customers, so the next generation of drivers have a job tomorrow.

Some of my wisdom for new drivers includes listening to the older guys; take our advice and run with it! We know what we are talking about with years of experience to share. Always stay focused and be aware of your surroundings. If you are not sure of something, get out and look! G.O.A.L — Get out and look!"

With over 68,000 consecutive hours in my career at ABF, I have [received] all the safe driving awards: the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, including the 30 years safe driving award. The list could go on of all the people I would like to thank over the years. One of my favorite memories was going to Fort Smith and meeting Robert Young and many others who have supported my career. Thanks to our safety team too!" - Tony Spero