When a winter storm is forecasted, hardware stores expect to see a boost in business for customers; the question is, what supplies do I get?

According to Inside Sales Rep at Home Center William Suarez, sometimes customers don't know the answer to that question.

"Everybody wants to get as much of what they think they might need as possible, but one of the problems we see is that a lot of people don't necessarily buy the right product."

Suarez is talking about products like shovels, rock salt, and snow blowers. For example, Suarez tells FOX 40 that customers sometimes have confusion about what rock salt to purchase because different kinds serve different purposes. 

"The lava grip is eco-friendly and reusable pumice. It works in sub-zero temperatures and is gentle on surfaces," said Suarez. "The middle of the road we have fast melt, that will melt ice below -7 degrees."

While rock salt will help break down snow and ice, removing snow calls for different equipment.

"Snow blowers are probably the most important thing to have especially when we could get projection to be 12 to 18 inches," said Cynthia Kovarik, owner of Kovarik True Value Hardware. 

Like rock salts, snow blowers come in different models and serve other purposes. The two main snow blowers are single and two-stage. A single-stage is lightweight and compact, made for less snow and ease of use. A two-stage is much larger and heavier, meant for more significant snow.

With the Southern Tier expecting 6-9 inches starting tomorrow, February 3rd, 2022, Kovarik recommends a two-stage snow blower. 

"I use a single-stage because I am a single woman, and they're more lightweight. However, they don't go as deep, so a two-stage is what you're probably going to need for 9 inches," said Kovarik.

If a snow blower isn't accessible, shoveling is the best method. However, it's crucial to know the proper form to avoid injury when using a shovel. William Suarez gave a demonstration to FOX 40.

"You want to keep your back straight, lift with the legs, and bend at the knees."