An exciting day in Johnson City; the long awaited revitalization of the Endicott Johnson Shoe Factory into housing is complete. 

Today's ribbon cutting marks the end of almost four years of work to transform what was once labeled Broome County's biggest eyesore. 

The factory used to employ around 2,000 people and make 22,000 pairs of shoes each day.

The $40 million project started back in early 2020 when Paulus Development acquired the building. There were some delays due to the pandemic, but the groundbreaking was about a year later in March of 2021.

"I truly believe that we would not have been able to do this without everybody working together," said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. "And that's really what the heart and soul of this community of Broome County is all about. We we want to do better. We want to have a better community." 

All of today's speakers settled on one description; an anchor. 

The building sits near the Binghamton University Health Sciences campus, the soon to be completed UHS Wilson project, the Shorr Family Firehouse Stage and Goodwill Theatre. 

"This building and what it has meant not only to our community now to our state, but to our country, and now having it's something that can be utilized in a multitude of ways. It's anchoring our community. It is most certainly a victory," said State Senator Lea Webb. 

People officially started calling the building home in March. The 156 units are almost all occupied

Mayor Martin Meaney says this is a sign of good things to come to Johnson City, a recipient of the state's downtown revitalization grant earlier this year.