If you’ve spent some time at Mirabito Stadium this summer, a name you’ve undoubtedly heard plenty of is Mark Vientos. There’s a good reason for that, he’s been the Binghamton Rumble Ponies best hitter all season.  

The New York Mets 8th ranked prospect has the 5th highest OPS in all of the Double-A Northeast Division at .922. He’s third in the Division with 16 homeruns and leads the Ponies in homers and RBIs with 43. Vientos says there really hasn’t been any big adjustments to his approach at the plate that has led to his breakout season.  

“Honestly just working with the coaches, seeing what I was doing in spring training, what was working for me there and gradually getting better every day,” says Vientos. “This is marathon not a sprint, just working hard and trusting the process.”  

The 21-year-old hasn’t just been making noise with his bat, he’s also been active in the field. Vientos has been alternating between third base and the outfield all season.  

“Just getting comfortable with all the spots,” says Vientos. “It’s honestly a grind playing 2 different positions, learning 2 different positions on the spot. So I’m just working hard every day trying to get better at it.” 

Despite his strong performance thus far, Vientos says he’s not as good as he wants to be and knows he can be, so he won’t stop working until he gets there.