Broome County Land Bank in conjunction with the Village of Endicott announced a series of planned demolition projects on Tuesday, May 7. The first location announced to be demolished is 108 Roosevelt Avenue. 

Earlier this year, Land Bank purchased this property, after its foreclosure caused by non-payment of taxes. For several years, the property consisting of a two-family structure and a detached garage has sat vacant. This has led to a severe lack of upkeep and structural maintenance. This includes decayed portions of the roof and a dilapidated porch and balcony. The Endicott Fire Department declared the property as unsafe and Broome County Land Bank Executive Director Jessica Hass agreed. 

"In mid-2020, Mayor Linda Jackson reached out to the land bank to inquire about potential a demolition project at 108 Roosevelt Avenue in the village of Endicott," said Haas. "After conducting our due diligence research, we determined that this property met the land banks demolition criteria. The property has since been deemed as unsafe by the village Endicott Fire Department Code Enforcement Division, and on behalf of the land bank we're very proud to address blighted properties such as this."

The property is not just a safety hazard, but it is also considered a sore sight. Broome County Executive Jason Garnar believes the demolition is an opportunity to rejuvenate the neighborhood with new developments. 

"Removing blight throughout the community is so important to our ongoing revitalization" said Garnar. "Every demolition helps make our neighborhoods safer an d create opportunities for new development. Thank you to the Land Bank for its continuous efforts to make Broome County a great place to live, work, and raise a family."

Landfill tipping fees for cleanup following the demolition are being waived because of a Broome County program that helps organizations similar to the Land Bank who address blight in the area. The Village of Endicott passed a resolution allocating $8,000 in the demolition of 108 Roosevelt Avenue.

The Village of Endicott is contributing to the cost of this project. This property is the first of a total of five that Land Bank is handling. The next locations to be demolished in the next week are 2300 Owego Road and 1944 North Road in the Town of Vestal as well as Union's 1215 Nanticoke Drive. Later this month, the Town of Dickinson location of 22 Fuller Street will also be demolished. The cost of all demolitions adds up to $52,400.