The Deposit Police Department is no longer in operation. Now, the Broome County Sheriff's Office will assign a deputy to be stationed in the village and headquartered at the former police department. 

The village recently voted to dissolve the department after Mayor Bryan Moore says they struggled to cover costs and staff all the part-time shifts. Moore says running the department cost the village about $200,000 each year, whereas now they are paying a yearly fee of $60,000 to the Broome Sheriff's Office for the dedicated deputy. 

"All small communities have got to start thinking outside the box because with all the state mandates and such, there's no way around it," says Moore. 

In addition to the one deputy assigned to a Deposit substation, Broome Sheriff David Harder says they have another patrol car that makes a sweep through Deposit on their route and Delaware County Sheriff's and State Police also patrol the area. 

Deposit also voted to combine their village court with Sanford's court. Both of these cost saving measures have been written into the county's shared services plan. Through the shared services initiation, New York State will match the county's savings and will send a check at the end of the year.