This week's Servpro Hometown Heroes segment recognizes Amber Armstrong. The American Red Cross also honored Armstrong with the Medical Award.

On March 29th, 2018, Amber Armstrong was on her way to work as a ward clerk at the ER at Cayuga Medical Center when she came upon a bad crash. It was around 10 p.m. in Newfield involving a pickup truck and a Toyota Rav-4. 

"I immediately pulled over and I called 911 from my car and then I ran out there, and so what I saw was this one car was pushed to the side rail and it was really crushed to pieces and then the truck that hit them, and he was on the other side, he walked out of the truck and he was really frazzled and where am I and what's going on, but I kind of knew he was okay because he was walking around," said Amber.

The man driving in the pickup truck sustained only minor injuries, but when Amber reached the Rav-4, she learned just how serious the crash was. 

The Rav-4 was carrying two people and an injured dog. They were on their way from Pennsylvania to Cornell Veterinary Center. A woman was driving and her grandson in the back with the dog. 

So someone got a sweatshirt and smashed the window open because that's how we were able to open the door and then once the door opened, I saw the kid, he was about in his twenties, he was taking his dog to the Cornell Vet at the time, it was recently hit by a car and that's why they were driving at night time, and so the backseat was down and he was laying on his stomach and his hips were underneath the driver side seat and then he was kind of twisted around and his arm, it was bleeding a lot, and his arm," said Amber.

Amber saw that the grandson sustained multiple injuries including one arm that was almost severed. He was hemorrhaging and needed immediate medical attention to save his life. It was obvious that a tourniquet was needed to prevent the man from bleeding out. 

That's when a bystander handed Amber a belt, and she placed it high and tight on the man's arm. This slowed the bleeding, allowing emergency workers from Bangs Ambulance to remove the man from the car before he lost a significant amount of blood.

Had it not been for Amber's life-saving intervention, this man likely would have bled to death. Amber came upon a critical situation and used life-saving skills to save the life of another.