Though Noah Farrelly was only a Stony Brook University student for a few months, his impact was felt deeply by all who knew him. 

The running community at Stony Brook University memorialized Noah by putting his initials in a yellow heart on both their long sleeved warmup shirts and their uniform tops.

"He's always with us," said senior Cameron Avery. "We run for Noah."

The athletic department also dedicated a spirit award to the late Farrelly. 

The Spirit of the Sea Wolf Award is given to a student-athlete that exemplifies greatness on and off the field, good sportsmanship, and excellence in the classroom. 

"It's everything Noah was," said head coach Andy Ronan.

Cameron Avery received the award, an honor he never could have imagined in his junior year. 

A group of Stony Brook runners traveled to the inaugural Noah Farrelly Run and South Side Field Days to continue showing their support for their late teammate. 

"To see where he grew up, and run the same route he did is truly an honor," said Avery.