Over 15 teams and 100 people skated their way into the Ice House Sports Complex Saturday, for first round of 5th Annual Summer Slammed roller derby tournament.

Hosted by the BC Rollers, men and women from all across New York and Pennsylvania slammed, skidded, skipped, and skated around a flat track, competing for points and having fun in the process.

One member of the BC Rollers, Holly "Toxic Beveridge" Holcomb, said many of these smaller market roller derby leagues were excluded from participating in national competitions due to their area's location and population.

According to Holcomb, Summer Slammed was an event created specifically to focus on giving teams who don't normally get the spotlight, a chance to strut their stuff on the roller rink. And after the BC Rollers' first invitational, the event has nearly quadrupled in size.

"When we started [Summer Slammed] it was one day, four teams. The word got out...all our skaters wanted more derby, more derby, more derby," said Holly Holcomb.

Summer Slammed continues tomorrow, July 1, at the Ice House Sports Complex. Doors open at 10 :00 a.m., with three games scheduled before the Championship at 3:00 p.m.