A company known as Family Energy is currently in the Village visiting residents regarding alternative
energy services. The company does currently have a vendor’s permit issued by the Village allowing them
to go door to door.

These individuals are not village employees and do not represent the Village in any way.

They are also not to represent themselves as NYSEG employees or representatives. They are a private, independent company.
Johnson City residents are not obligated nor should they be pressured in any way to show this company
their NYSEG bills.

The company representatives are to have a copy of their Village permit and proper ID
on them at all times. Residents should ask to see this permit and note the names of the individuals that are
at your residence.

A permit from the Town of Union is not a valid vendor’s permit in the Village.
As with any vendor or individual or entity that attempts to solicit goods or services within the Village, if a
resident feels uncomfortable or pressured please call Village Hall at 607-797-9098 with the name or names of the
individuals involved, your name, address and the date and time the individual was at your residence, or if
the individual refuses to leave your property or show you the village issued permit and ID, residents
should call the Johnson City Police at 607-729-9321.