Smiles filled the room during the 6th Annual New York State LGBTQ Families Conference today.

Those smiles came from families looking to build a beautiful life with a little bit of help.

"We help LGBTQ adults who either want to want to become parents or already are parents find one another to get a sense of community and to also find the resources they need, the providers they need to make sure their families are thriving and they are leading the healthiest lives they can," said Claudia Stallman, Project Director for Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project.

The conference offered workshops and vendors that assist families needs.

"On things like essential legal information, planning to become parents, transgender lives, you name it," said Stallman.

Today's Pride and Joy Conference is trying to offer a new hope to families, to bring them together and to strengthen them.

"We are wanting to start a family and it's kind of a daunting task and so we thought this would be a really good opportunity to get the information we need," said Alice Carver'Kubik, Rochester Resident.

Alice Carver'Kubik and her partner Jamie Allen traveled all the way from Rochester hoping to get guidance in their adoption process.

"The information so far has been amazing, super helpful, and this is a super comfortable place to be to get that kind of information," said Carver'Kubkic.

"This has been a dream of ours and this is what we want most and I think that will bring us closer together," said Carver'Kubik.

A dream the conference is helping many families achieve