For a baseball player there's nothing harder than suffering an injury that prevents you from even picking up a baseball for several months. BU pitcher Jake Cryts tore his labrum in his pitching shoulder and missed all of last season. This year, returning as a redshirt junior he's back, at 100%, and ready to prove it.

"It was pretty awful last year having to sit back and watch especially having a bigger role," Cryts said. "But you know, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You don't pray for an easy life, you pray to be a stronger man. I think that experience really helped me grow as a person and grow as a ballplayer as well. I was able to analyze a few things and find my niche and hopefully get back to where I was at Oklahoma State."

Cryts last game appearance was in the NCAA Regionals against Oklahoma State in 2014. He's slated to pitch the third game of the season for the Bearcats, game one of Saturday's doubleheader against Houston Baptist University.