Seton Catholic Central High School students got a helping hand in preparation for their upcoming missionary trip to Haiti.

On Thursday, Seton Catholic Elementary students donated dozens of supplies towards the trip. Supplies including toothbrushes, books, and toys will go to Haitian boys and girls from toddlers to age 16.

"It's really great that we have a community that fosters the sense of responsibility to give back and that we realize how fortunate we are," said Rachel Gallagher, a Seton Catholic Central Senior, "And it's really an important part of our community to give back and to make other people enjoy life and live the best life they could."

Ten high school students and four chaperones will begin their week-long mission on Monday, February 8th. This is the second trip Seton students have made to the country this school year. Students will volunteer in orphanages, a children's hospital, and a medical clinic.