At around 6:30 Wednesday evening, Fox 40 received scanner reports of a serious accident in Endicott. As events unfolded, we learned that one person had died as a result.

Fox 40 Reporter Austin Tanner arrived on the scene shortly after the accident occurred and confirmed with authorities that a white male had died as a result of the incident.

The accident was on on Nanticoke Drive. Emergency crews were closing off portions of the road. Authorities were investigating what was being called simply, "a one-car collision." The car swerved and hit a light pole and a guardrail.

The car ended up on its side. We spoke with authorities on the scene.

"We're still investigating what occurred here." Said Leutenant Ben Harting, BC Sheriffs Department. "Initial results are showing the vehicle veered off the roadway into the guide wire and into the telephone. The car cut the telephone in half before rolling over mid-air and landing on its side. We're unsure of what the cause of the accident is, but we just remind everyone that the roads are wet and the weather is warm, which were not used to, were used to snow. We see a lot of motorcycles out, people riding at high rated speeds cause its warm out. Keep in mind that there are still leaves on the roadways, they are wet, and be prepared."

Much of the scene was blocked off by police. Several area residents were trying to walk toward the wreck to see what had happened.