During the holiday season, as temperatures drop, sometimes holiday cheer is not the only thing being spread. Germs and illness can also be shared.

Thursday afternoon FOX 40 spoke with Lourdes family physician Dr.

Sanjiv Patel who shared some ways to keep healthy and boost your immune system this winter.

He says one of the most important things is to wash your hands. Also, exercise to increase antibodies and get a full night’s rest of seven to nine hours. Eating healthy will boost the immune system, along with keeping stress levels as low as possible.

And when mom tells you to bundle up before leaving the house, she is onto something.

“Exposure to the elements obviously puts stress on the body, and that obviously tends to put stress on your immune system. Plus, when you’re outdoors and you’re unprotected around people who may be sick, you have a greater chance of contracting diseases from them as well,” said Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel says use your best judgement in making the call if you're not feeling well. He recommends getting the flu shot or other appropriate vaccines. He also says to consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns at early signs of illness.