"I've been through hell, my self-esteem was truly tested on this pageant," said founder, Elaine Green-Luke.

Elaine Green-Lake is the founder of The Big Bold And Beautiful Pageant. An event that she says is uplifting women's self esteem.

"Nobody's ever heard of a self esteem, self acceptance pageant. If we don't love and accept our selves how do we want anyone else to?" said Elaine

The Big Bold and Beautiful pageant focused on inner and outer beauty while helping all types of women to feel encouraged regardless of their weight, looks, or age.

"I feel honored to be the one to give this 87 year old diva a chance to hit the runway," said Green-Luke.

"I am 87, almost 88, I don't know how I got into this," said contestant, Marilyn Dickstein.

Although the event was a pageant the ladies were more focused on uplifting each other than the crown.

"It's uplifting sisters, and I want to uplift sisters because they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. If they see us with our struggles and that we over come them, they can overcome also, " said Crystal Dash, contestant.

Elaine says that she's been through a lot.

"I've been through two kinds of domestic disputes, verbal and physical, the verbal was the worst," said Green-Luke.

But that she wants to use her past to give other women a better future.

"None of us deserve to be treated like we're nothing. We are somebody, we're special, wonderful, beautiful, talented, in a class by ourselves, class of excellence..I like that," said Green-Luke.