Officials now say an Endicott fire initially thought to have targeted responding firefighters was not set for the sole purpose of harming first responders.

Endicott Police is one of the agencies investigating the fire that was discovered by a passing officer just after two o'clock on Friday morning at 117 Jefferson Avenue. According to police, the motive for the fire is unknown. The building is a former synagogue. The man who says he recently purchased the building from Broome County says it is now used by a video production company which produces Muslim children's programming, and is a long-time occupant of the space.

Police say any comments as to the motive would be speculation. According to Endicott Fire Chief Joseph Griswold, firefighters found a trip wire which emptied a container of gasoline when they entered the building. When they opened another door there was also a trip wire and a 20-pound propane cylinder.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with any information is asked to contact the Endicott Police Detective Division at 757-2479.