By Fox 40 Staff.

Local life savers got their due Wednesday morning at the Red Cross' Sixth Annual Real Heroes Breakfast.

sixteen people were honored in twelve categories at The McKinley in Endicott.

Oxford High School student Jesse Hates won the Youth Good Samaritan Award for helping stop a driver suffering a medical emergency. Also, four Johnson City firefighters were honored for their work at a fire last August at an apartment complex. That's where the four firefighters were able to rescue nine people from the second floor, including some hanging out of windows, and contain the fire despite being shorthanded.

"Being that it was in the middle of the night in a large building I was pretty sure there was a large number of people still in their apartments. So, I instructed the crew to get ladders, start pulling people out of the windows and all the while trying to either keep them in contact visually or on radio so I knew where all my guys were," said Johnson City Fire Captain Keith McCafferty.

"I feel pretty good because I feel like helping others is a way to do good. If I don't help, something could happen," said Good Samaritan Youth Award winner Jesse Gates.

The keynote speaker was Pen Farthing, the founder of Nowzad Dogs and CNN's 2014 Hero of the Year. Nowzad Dogs helps reunite soldiers with dogs and cats they adopted while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.