It's hard to believe it's been more than six months since the B-Mets were crowned champions of the eastern league, but the team's front office staff got a sweet reminder this morning.

The front office staff received their 2014 championship rings today. Every player that played for the B-Mets in 2014 also received rings, with the exception of rehabbing major leaguers. Team President Mike Urda and GM Jim Weed traveled down to Port St. Lucie to hand out the rings to the players earlier this week. It may be the players that won it, but the front office staff appreciates it just the same.

"It's pretty exciting actually, this is my 20th season in the business and the first ring. Again, I kinda feel a little bit, I'm not the one on the field doing this, but still it's fun to be a part of it and it's really exciting to be a part of this thing. The fact that we can bring it back and really it's all about the community and to see the community behind this thing is really important to us, said Jim Weed," General Manager of the B-Mets.

The B-Mets open the season on the road in Akron on April 9th. The home opener is April 16th against Harrisburg. Everyone in attendance will get a commemorative 2014 kings of the eastern league DVD.