A school that has been a part of the Owego community for over 150 years is at risk of closing.

The Principal sent a letter to the parents and students of Saint Patrick's school last month explaining the situation. The school must raise a half million dollars in funds by March 15th in order for the school to be considered to remain open. It must also secure 60 students for enrollment by April 30th.

Parents have been meeting twice a week to put together a business plan that would keep the school going for the next five years.

Parent Representative Pam Bouton said, "I think it would be crushing. The school is an extension of everybody's family, there is a family school sense here. The education that kids get here, they have small class sizes and excellence in teaching that can't be replicated in public schools."

Sixth grader Morgan Smith said, "It's scary and we're trying to do everything that we can to stop it and find a large donor to help out."

The Catholic school has pre-school programs and teaches students in grades k through 6. The school is looking for investors. if you're interested in donating you can call 687-1770.