By Alex Howard.

Nigel Smith entered the Broome County courtroom in chains Tuesday afternoon. Over two years have passed since the murder of heroin dealer Bretnie "Sha" Owens, a time that saw the acquittal of Smith's co-defendant Calvin Bell, and the conviction of Nigel Smith on charges of 2nd degree murder, and first and second degree robbery.

Now he'll spend the next 25 years to life in prison. Judge Joseph Cawley opted for the maximum sentence since this is not smith's first violent crime conviction.

"In light of the history, in light of your criminal history, I see no reason to believe that any future conduct would change," said Cawley.

"We're certainly pleased with the sentence the court has imposed as you noted I did recommend the maximum sentence, and I did that for two reasons, number one the nature of the crime, and number two, Mr. Smith's background," said prosecutor Kevin Dooley.

Smith now faces the punishment for the crime he committed.

****From the Broome County Courthouse Alex Howard, Fox 40 HD News****.